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Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 12:56

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And thank dog for that! I don 8767 t care if you want to continue to produce shitty sick dogs that are inbred, but there should be freedom for people who aren 8767 t callous, aren 8767 t immoral, and aren 8767 t utterly stupid to do what is actually right for the dogs.


Squinting and being sensitive to the light does not equal vision problems in my opinion, it 8767 s just light sensitivity, it isn 8767 t cataracts.

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Just as a point of reference for the rest of your readers..All dog breeds, in a very real sense, go back to one original dog.

8775 Just as a point of reference for the rest of your readers…..All dog breeds, in a very real sense, go back to one original dog. 8776

Such breeding, and indeed, the modern methods of closed registries, line-breeding, small founder populations and selection for minutiae cause loss of gene variants on a massive scale. Even if benign or beneficial mutation were exceptionally common in the dog, such a process would be hard pressed to keep up with the variant loss caused by modern breeding practices.

8. Finally, you come across, to us Daliie lover, as singling out Dalmatians as the detritus of dogdom by virtue of their health issues. What about bulldogs, that can die from too deep of sleep or being too hot, because of their respiratory shortcomings? Great Danes get bloat, Boxers get cancer at alarming rates, dachshunds have weak backs, and beagles often battle epilepsy. And what about ridiculous tail docking and ear cropping to suit some dumb human 8767 s idea of good looks. ALL purebred breeding causes the problems because natural selection would have weeded them out!

Yes IMO many especially the longer legged dedicated working types are extreme piebald, many with just a single patch over one eye. There are though some cracker black and tans coming out of Ireland of both type, shorter and or otherwise.

Indeed, primatologist Signe Preuschoft believes that the smile traces back to over 85 million years ago and back in time it was used as a 8775 fear grin 8776 by our closest biological relatives. This behavior was often observed in monkeys and apes in the context of demonstrating to predators they were harmless and meant no threat. A silent, bare teeth display was often observed in tense situations as a pacifying signal, often demonstrated towards a superior partner. In other primate species, the behavior was often employed by an inferior animals for the purpose of demonstrating acceptance for the subordinate role. More about this can be read in the book 8775 Origins of Semiosis: Sign Evolution in Nature and Culture 8776 by Winfried Nöth.

BACKGROUND Sampson recorded the social interactions among a group of monks while resident as an experimenter on vision, and collected numerous sociometric rankings. During his stay, a political "crisis in the cloister" resulted in the expulsion of four monks (Nos. 7, 8, 67, and 68) and the voluntary departure of several others - most immediately, Nos. 6, 7, 69, 65, and 66. (In the end, only 5, 6, 9, and 66 remained).

Seriously? I 8767 m gonna be polite and ask you to read his response again, this time very carefully because he already answered your off topic question. Now, move on and stop acting like a troll.

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