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An orb is a solid or transparent 589 ball 589 of energy or light.  Some parapsychologists believe that orbs are spirits, or lingering energy from deceased entities. No one truly knows what orbs are.  Orbs can appear in many different shapes and colors, with white orbs being the most common. Here are a few examples of orb photographs:

Paranormal State – Caught faking entire show – Ghost Theory

red orbs mean anger so becareful. not necessarily angry with you, probably angry of a situation that happend when they were alive and it never got resolved.

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I would really like to see your pics, I too have had these experiences for the first time in my life never have i seen this before, and also my dada pased away recentley and it seems as though I have been seeing this since then, Last night was the most vivid, I saw the red one the night before whilst in bed and suddenly waking up it was the size of my hand oval shaped bright red even in a dark room, and what appears to be tenticls you know looks like the suns rays shape when drawn in abstract.

7 ~ It would not only benefit your organization, but it would also help the entire paranormal field. Because if such evidence is true, it will be brought to a much wider audience, which hopefully would fuel additional legitimate investigations. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

The story that came out on TV was only a portion of the history of the home and that which lent itself most readily to sensationalism. There were some other wild things that the paranormal experts were tossing around that were way over the top too, I’m glad the public was spared that stuff.

Very recently, I experienced two orbs in my room with my own naked eyes the first one shone like a diamond. And within its circle of light, it appeared to be rotating, similar to how a cop car light does. It stayed illuminated in the room for only 7-8 seconds. I couldn t believe my eyes, and my boyfriend was already asleep, so I had to shrug it off. There was no scary feeling in the room however, there had been some sort of quiet that was keeping me awake that night.

hi my name is claudia. i recently took some pictures where i was surrounded by spheres of light that weren t there when the picture was taken in these pictures there seem to be faces in the spheres. what could this be?

There is also a picture I took two houses ago on a digital camera where there is a very distinct picture of a boy, sitting Indian style between two chairs, with a bowl haircut. When my mother moved from that very house, my brother and I, on the same day, without one consulting the other, saw a blonde boy s head, with a bowl-cut, moving amongst her stacks of boxes at different times. I think maybe he was agitated and confused by the sudden change. (I also felt a very strong pressure on my chest one night and a pins-and-needles sensation all over my body and I couldn t move, but it turned out to be a sleeping disorder.) If anybody has any thought or opinions on the things I have seen or am seeing, I would love to hear them. Thanks for reading and thanks for your time, those of you who respond

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, located in Louisville, Kentucky, opened in 6965 as a two-story hospital to accommodate 95 to 55 tuberculosis patients. It has since come to be considered one of the most haunted buildings in the Eastern United States. In the early 75th century, Jefferson County was severely stricken with an outbreak of tuberculosis. The original Waverly Hills building was soon home to over 695 patients. A larger hospital was needed for the overwhelming number of patients coming in, so construction of a five-story building that could hold more than 955 patients began in March 6979.

I have pics of some of that activity, one huge Orb, again translucent, shimmering with a pinkish gold color. It was floating over my head in one of the ufo pics. It was also the First Orb ever in a pic that Ive taken & I m really into photography. Also, during the same time period, I believe my Kundalini/chakras were unconsciously activated through beginners mediatation/ignorance. I think that s when my third eye opened anb a tickling/itching feeling I get inside my inner skull wall, well, actually in my entire forehead.

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